Web Design

Two iMacs displaying mockups of a website

Quick overview

Our web designer has been building websites for over eighteen years and specializes in WordPress (including WooCommerce). We can build you a theme from scratch or use Divi to reduce overall design time.

What we offer

WordPress (with Divi)
$ 500.00
WordPress (custom)
$ 750.00
$ 1,200.00
Monthly hosting fee
$ 30.00


It all begins with a spark, from you, of course. You need a web presence, whether it’s for e-commerce or simply a landing page for your business.

That’s where we come in. Pitch your idea to us, and let us know what your website requires. Need 5 to 7 pages explaining the origins of the species? Got it. Maybe a web store for a new brand of blinker fluid? Let’s do this.

Once we have a solid outline of your needs, we will make a few drafts for you to review. If you see one you like, we’ll get building! In about 2 to 4 weeks (or so), your website will be up and running.

After that, a little SEO magic here, some WIA-compliant touch-ups there, and you’re rocking and rolling.

Monthly hosting explained

We host every WordPress website through WPMU Dev, which specializes in WordPress hosting. The general cost of hosting a website through them is, at the least, $12 a month. We add an additional $18 because we commit to constantly monitoring and maintaining your website for SEO and checking against malicious use.

If you have a preferred host or have already set up an account there, we will gladly assist you in setting up your new website through your provider.

Prices starting at
$ 500.00 USD

Pricing varies by services rendered. Does not include local or state taxes.