Computer Repair

One person removing a screw from a computer and another holding a soldering iron

Quick overview

Your computer can rest easy now; there’s a new doctor in town, and they’re out for bugs! We can optimize your computer to run almost as fast as when you bought it and replace any parts with wear and tear.

What we offer

Most of our services are fixed rate costs, so you can rest assured you’re not being charged an arm and a leg to get your computer running its best.

Computer Optimization
Data Wiping
New Computer Setup
Operating System Reinstall
Virus Removal
Custom Computer Builds
Fixed Rate
$ 39.99 USD
$ 49.99 USD
$ 59.99 USD
$ 79.99 USD
$ 79.99 USD
$ 99.99 USD

Some services may take more time, so we also have hourly rates to cover the time it may take to perform. We only charge for the hours the services are performed.

Data Backup
Hardware Repair/Upgrade
Data Migration
Data Recovery
Hourly Rate
$ 19.99 USD
$ 59.99 USD
$ 79.99 USD
$ 149.99 USD

Electronic waste

We prefer to keep electronics out of landfill if we can help it. Therefore, we commit to recycling all salvageable parts and sending the rest to an R2 Certified recycling facility here in the state.

Prices starting at
$ 19.99 USD

Pricing varies by services rendered. Does not include local or state taxes.